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Please see our Central Park tours below. We can also provide customized tours based on your needs and availability.For example we can pick you up from your hotel, show Central Park, drop off at Broadway shows, any other location or take you downtown New York where locals hang out. If you like to have customization for your pedicab tour , please email uswith details and we do our best to satisfy your needs.

Why do we suggest you to take a pedicab tour instead of horse and carriage ? 

First of all horse and carriage tours in Central Park cost more than double and you don't get to see as much you see Central Park with pedicab. Pedicab guides not only make it more personal and fun for you , they are also able to able make stops at certain point where you can get off, walk around and take some pictures unlike horse and carriages.We also offer up to 2 hours Central Park tour that covers the entire park. It's 843 acres park so think twice if you really believe you can see everything.

Of course we love carriages and find it another fun activity in New York. That's why We usually suggest carriage rides to the people who visited Central Park before and experienced Central Park with pedicab.

How do we provide cheaper prices than other websites ? 

Since we are pedicabbers and there is no agency between our customers and us, we provide the best prices for pedicab tours , bike tours and walking tours in Central Park.Please feel free to ask any question you may have. We look forward to showing you Central Park and New York City.

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