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Powerful Pedicab Advertising

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As an innovative and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, NYC pedicab (rickshaw) fleets provide the perfect vehicle to deliver your brand’s message.

Millions of people travel the city streets every day, walking to work, meeting friends and driving home. Each pedicab represents an exciting new advertising medium that impacts everyday lives and guides consumers down the right purchase path.

Sponsor a fleet of pedicabs, customize them to fit your brand, provide free rides and product samples – and create the ultimate brand experience!

Pedicab advertising follows your audience unlike other forms of outdoor advertising such as telephone kiosks or bus shelters. Because of the novelty and utility of pedicabs, an outdoor advertising campaign involving pedicabs provides recognition, exposure and recall of the brand identity. And unlike other forms of outdoor advertising, there is of course the pedicab driver, putting a personal touch on the trip. That’s why we call it performance media.

Why NYC Pedicab?

NYC Pedicab positions your brand through physical and emotional experiences that traditional advertising mediums cannot offer. Effective advertising is about connecting with a consumer set in a meaningful and lasting way. To accomplish this, NYC Pedicab reaches out to people where they live, work and play. NYC Pedicab engages consumers by allowing them to see, hear, taste, smell and touch. NYC Pedicab interacts with consumers by describing, explaining, and showing.

Simply put, NYC Pedicab takes your brand experience to another level

Scroll down to find some of the many benefits of choosing NYC Pedicab for your brand.


Rates are quoted for monthly, weekly, daily, seasonal and off-season campaigns, or otherwise custom-tailored to your program. Please call (855) 820-1100 Ext. 6 for more information or contact us via email.

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