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About Us

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NYC Pedicab Tours provides eco-friendly and carbon neutral ways to see New York City: walking tours, Pedicab carriage tours, bike tours and bike rentals. Our goal is to make certain that visitors, tourists, young or old who use our service have fun and take home a memorable experience. No client should ever feel as though they did not get their money’s worth. In fact they should be made to feel that they received more.

We want you to return home with a positive image of the rich history, people, and pop culture that makes NYC the most incredible city in the world. Our tours to be the most memorable part of your vacation in a positive way

Additionally, we are always looking for ways to expand driver creativity and involvement, from wearing branded apparel to promoting your event. Pedicab drivers, who are independent contractors, will work with you on a pre-arranged basis for your next project. That’s why pedicabs are known as “performance media.”

What We do

We are 12 exprienced pedicabbers in New York City. We provide the highest quality of Central Park and New York City Tours.Come with us.We speak English, Spanish, French.

As an innovative and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, NYC Pedicab provide the perfect vehicle to deliver your brand’s message.

We are experienced pedicab operators who will work to make your experience the most successful one possible. We provide the highest quality service with greatest reliability.

Enjoy your special day with a pedicab ride for the newlyweds or the whole wedding party. We can take you to and from the chapel and the reception.

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