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Eco-friendly and carbon neutral way to see Central Park and New York City

Central park is the most visited park in the world. It is 843 acres and covers 6% of Manhattan. We offer you different kind of ways to learn about Central Park. Take a pedicab ride: Sit back,relax and let us entertain you.We also give you some stops if you like to hop off and take some pictures. Ride on bicycle: Do your exercise, follow your guide, get information, take some pictures! Walking tour: Walk 2 hours with your guide, get every little details, see famous places in south part of the park. We guarantee that exploring Central Park with us will be the best activity in NYC.




Think Outside the Bus: Why spend a beautiful summer day speeding around on a dark, hot, smoky, uncomfortable bus when you could have your own personal guide at your fingertips-without all the walking!

Our drivers can share with you their intimate, personal and historic knowledge of America’s oldest city, but the best part is – you’re in charge

Call us to schedule your tour! (855) 820-1100 Ext. 6

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Through our ADVERTISING, we offer a new form of visibility that grabs peoples’ attention and turns heads. Anyone looking to garner attention for their product can get the most bang for their buck with high visibility ads in the new frontier of mobile marketing. And free rides don’t hurt, either!

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Our SERVICES include booking for small events or large conventions. Whether you’re scheduling a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, our Pedicabs can be there to shuttle your guests.

Feel the fresh air while you digest and get back to where you’re headed. We don’t just take you to pre-determined locations, but can also drop you right off at your car, a T station, your home or hotels.

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